Events & Meetings

June-August 2019 Calendar of Events

June 17-19 Range Days

June 18 field tour of Snowcrest, Helle Livestock, and Jack Creek

June 19 – Clear Creek site tour contact Jim King USFS

June 26 – Pint Night in Sheridan with Watershed Trivia

June 28 – Ramshorn restoration field tour contact David Stout

July 30 – Ruby Habitat Foundation Wildlife Speaker Series: Mountain Lion 5:30 potluck, 7:00 presentation.

July 31 – Ruby Valley Strategic Alliance field tour on public-private lands and snowcrest agreement contact Darcie Warden

Saturday, August 3 – Madison Valley Weed Fundraiser

7th Annual Summer Wildlife Speaker Series Lineup!

June 17-Sage Grouse-Dillon, MT
June 25-Bighorn Sheep-Ennis, MT
July 17-Wolverine-Lima, MT
July 30-Mountain Lion-Laurin, MT
August 8-Otters-Divide, MT
August 20-Pronghorn-Cameron, MT
August 27-Owls-Dillon, MT
September 5-Mountain Lions-Bozeman, MT

September TBD – GLC Tour of SW Tobacco Roots

October and November TBD – GLC public meetings

August 10-16, 2020 Cycle Greater Yellowstone through Alder and Sheridan



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